Members of Crown Colony Country Club
The term "Members" used hereafter means the holder of a Golf Membership as defined in the By-Laws of Crown Colony Country Club and all Members of their household as families defined in such By-Laws.

Guests privileges are restricted and will be at the discretion of the Club Pro or Club Manager. A resident of Angelina or any county adjacent to Angelina County will not be permitted to play unless sponsored by a regular Member, or he or she is a Member of a reciprocating club.

Guest (Member of Golf Clubs)
Members of golf clubs, except those in Angelina County, that belong to the United States Golf Association will have the courtesies of the course extended upon satisfactory identification through their home club. Out of town guests may pay for charges with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or cash.

Other guests may play on the course subject to the following:
a.) The guest is accompanied by a Member of crown Colony or holds a valid guest card that has been issued by Crown Colony Country Club.
b.) The proper green fees and charges have been paid.
c.) The Club will, on request of a Member, issue a valid guest card to guests who are covered under this section. These charges may be paid by cash or credit card.
d.) These guests will be charged a non-member green fee and a non-member cart fee at the current rate, unless a Member is playing in each separate group of the entire grouping.
e.) Grandchildren under the age of eighteen (18) that are staying with a Member grandparent may be charged a reduced green fee to play golf upon advance request by the Member.
f.) Individual non-members may not be registered more than five (5) times a year.

Non-paying Guests
Non-paying guest will include the following:
a.) Visiting media as approved by the General Manager.
b.) Visiting Club Managers with current CMAA card.
c.) Visiting Golf Professionals.
d.) Visiting Golf Course Superintendents with current GCSAA card.

Registration of Play
The Golf Professional and Club Members with guests are responsible for the registration of all players who use the golf course.

Children of Members
1. Members children under twelve (12) years of age are permitted to play the golf course with a responsible adult or under the auspices of the Junior Golf Program.

2. matches containing minors must permit adult players to go through.

3. Parents are charged with the responsibility of acquainting their children with the Ground Rules and for the behavior of their children while playing the course.

4. To avoid serious accidents and to provide better golf playing condition, children must keep off the golf course unless they are playing golf in accordance with the rules.

5. Children are not allowed to use the Pro Shop as a lounge or to monopolize the Pro Shop's TV or telephone area.

MEMBERS ONLY -Jogging, Walking and Bike Riding
Jogging and walking are permitted on the cart paths as long as it does not interfere with golf play. Suggested times are before and after golfing hours. There will be no bike riding, roller blading, roller skating, or skate boarding on the golf course or cart paths at anytime.

Ground Rules
All Tournaments and games will be conducted under the rules of United States Golf Association except as may be modified by recognized associates such as the Men's Golf Association and Ladies Golf Association.

1. From March 1 through September 1: In order to accommodate the maximum number of players and maintain an approximate four hour round of golf, play on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays will be restricted to threesomes and foursomes only until 2:00 p.m. At 2:00 p.m. and/or at the Golf Professionals discretion, twosomes and fivesomes may be allowed to play.

2. The golf course will be Marshalled closely during peak play. The course Marshall and/or the Golf Professional have the authority to speed up slower groups. The faster groups should expect to be waved through.

3. A single player has no standing on the course.

4. Golf tournaments in which non-members participate can be held only upon written approval of the Management Committee and the Board of Directors. Board approved golf tournaments have the right of way on the course until the tournament has cleared the #1 Tee.

5. No golfer may play the course except by permission of the Golf Professional or his Assistants. When play is extremely heavy, a starter may request that only one ball be played off the #1 Tee.

Players must not practice:
1. Pitch shots to any regular green or the practice putting green that could cause ball marks.

2. On any part of the regular tee.

3. Shots on regular fairways so as to interfere with regular matches in play.

Damage to Greens and Approaches
1. Under no circumstance will a ball be played from any putting green with a club that will damage the green. If your ball lies on the green or it approaches, (all around the green) you must lift it up and drop it to one side without penalty.

2. Portable seats will not be used on the putting surfaces.

3. Any Member found guilty of cutting or willfully mutilating or defacing the greens or fairways will for the first offense be suspended for thirty (30) days, and for the second offense, he/she will be permanently suspended from membership in the Club.

Order of Starting
1. Tee times will be assigned by the Golf professional or his Assistants and will be taken only the week of play with Tuesday being the first day of the week.

2. If a match fails to tee off at the time assigned, the next "open" or available time will be assigned.

3. Guest not playing with a Member may not obtain a tee time of Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays from March 1 through September 1, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The Golf Professional may allow play before 1:00 p.m. only if he feels that play is light enough to accommodate guests.

Proper Attire
Proper attire for players on the golf course must include shirts and golf shoes of a spike less or soft spike nature.

Men's golf shirts must have a collar and all golf shorts must be no more than 4" above the knees. Women's shirts can have sleeves and no collar OR a collar and no sleeves and all golf shorts, skorts and skirts must be no more that 4" above the knees.

Blue jeans are acceptable, but they must be in presentable condition (i.e. no holes). Undershirts, tank tops, muscle shirts and swimsuits are not considered in this classification and must not be worn. Violators of this rule are subject to suspension from the course.

Playing the Course
The play will be from the first (1st) tee to the eighteenth (18th) green in order. If a match is started at some other point, it must be with permission of the Golf Professional and coordinated with the Golf Course Superintendent. The golf course will be closed every Monday except for certain holidays and special events. The Membership will be notified of these changes.

Members are responsible for their dependents and guest adhering to the Club rules at all times.

Golf Carts
1. Persons authorized by the rules of this Club to use golf carts will use or operate them only on club property. Anyone driving a golf cart on Club property, whether private or Club owned, must be at least sixteen (16) years of age with a valid driver's license. The first offense of this rule as it pertains to private carts will result in a written letter of warning; on the second offense, private golf cart privileges will be suspended for thirty (30) days; on the third offense, private golf cart privileges will be subject to suspension for one (1) year. During the times of suspension, the Member will continue to pay trail fees.

2. Carts will not be used when, in the opinion of the Golf Course Superintendent or Assistant, the condition of the course is such that their use might be harmful to the course. Special medical exceptions can be made by petitioning the Management Committee. In extreme circumstances, these too will be restricted to paths.

3. Carts will not be permitted within fifty (50) feet of any green and are not permitted near any tee. (Carts will be kept on cart paths provided around the green and tees).

4. All carts must use the ninety (90) degree rule to enter, cross or leave the fairway.

5. Operators of golf carts will keep their places on the course. They may not pass a waling group unless they are invited to pass.

6. The Member or Members, in whose name or names the carts are rented, will be responsible at all times for the prior operation of the carts.

7. Carts will carry a maximum of two (2) persons and two (2) golf bags. This rule is for reasons of safety as well as speed of play.

8. Damage to golf carts, due to negligence on the part of the driver, will be charged to the operator or his sponsor.

9. Private golf carts are not allowed on the golf course unless a trail fee has been paid. Trail fees may only be paid in conjunction with a golfing membership.

10. Private golf carts belonging to non-golfing members may be driven to and from the Club. These unregistered carts may not be driven on the golf course and cart paths and must park in designated areas at the Club.

11. All private golf carts will be beige or white in color.

12. Every private golf cart will be electric and brand approved by the Club.

13. All players wanting to rent Crown Colony carts by themselves will pay full cart rate.

14. Caps on the number of private carts allowed may be set at the discretion of the Management Committee as deemed necessary. Members should contact the Pro Shop before purchasing a private cart.

Pull Carts
Pull carts are allowed but must be approved through the Pro Shop and a daily fee will be assessed unless Trail Fees have been paid.

Tournament Rules
All tournaments must be approved by the Management Committee and the Board of Directors.

1. No multi-year contract golf tournament will be signed without a vote of the general membership.

2. All outside Board approved tournament swill pay current green fees per player unless otherwise approved by the Management Committee and Board of Directors.

3. No outside tournament will be held on a weekend or recognized holiday without the approval of the Board of Directors and proper notification of the Membership.

Hunting for Golf Balls
Searching for golf balls other than yours or one lost by someone in your group during the regular course of play is prohibited. No one is permitted to enter any water hazard.

Selling Golf Balls
Any employee caught selling golf balls on the course is subject to immediate termination. Any Member approached is requested to report the incident immediately upon return to the Clubhouse. Any Member who purchases balls from an employee on the course will be subject to suspension.