Pool Rules

All Members are required to register for themselves and their guests with the attendant at the pool entrance before entering the pool. Member will be charged current guest rate.

· At the Beginning of Every Pool Season, a Family Waiver MUST be signed acknowledging that the Pool is a "Swim at Your Own Risk" Pool. (Forms Available at Pool Entrance)
· All children under 12 years of age must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.
· At the Beginning of Every Pool Season, Children 12-18 years of age MUST have a Parent/Guardian Sign a Waiver to swim without Supervision. (Forms Available at Pool Entrance)
· No Playing Tag, Wrestling, or Pushing of any kind is allowed and all other horse play activities.
· No Running Allowed.
· No Throwing Objects in the Pool or at Others.
· No Glassware is permitted in the Pool Area.
· No Cussing or Swearing.

· All members and their guests use the swimming pool area at their own risk, and the Club assumes no responsibility for accidents of any kind in or around the pool or for any ailments contracted.

If any of these Rules are Broken the Person or Persons will be Banned from the Pool Area for a Designated Time.